Battle brothers рецепты скорняка

Battle brothers рецепты скорняка

Hello Battle Brothers and Sisters!

*****This guide was a long and always an ever evolving, grinding work in progress*****
Ingredients checklist — Completed
Recipes checklist — Completed
Full imagery and pictures — Completed
New recipes added with ‘Warriors of the North’ DLC — Completed
New recipes added with ‘Blazing Desert’ DLC — Completed

It was my goal to get as many if not all the recipes for the new Taxidermy crafting shop in this guide. I saved up all of my loot drops and materials over time, and checked in with the Taxidermist every few in-game weeks to see if there are any new recipes.
Once a semi-decent list was extablished I added pictures and more details for ease of viewing.

If you don’t want to have any of the recipes explained and instead wish to find them all yourself, then this isn’t a guide I recommend 🙂

Thank you for being patient with info being updated, and cheers for dropping in. Have fun exploring!

Note 27/12/18 — With a huge contribution from the community, the guide has been finished with all recipes, drops and crafting currently in the game added into this one single comprehensive guide. If the game is updated and more recipes are available, then I will add them into the guide as swiftly as I can. But for now, enjoy the guide in its finished state! 🙂

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If you know the exact ingredients for a recipe, feel free to drop a comment and I will add them in. To make it easier, please include the following:

Full item name
The number of required items and where/how to get them
Total gold cost
Maybe item effects if you’re feeling thorough

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Parched Skin — Common
Third Eye — Uncommon
Petrified Scream — Rare


Unusually Large Wolf Pelt — Common
Adrenaline Gland — Common


Witch Hair — Uncommon
Mysterious Herbs — Rare
Poisoned Apple — Rare


Raging Hyena Fur — Common
Acidic Saliva — Uncommon


Kraken Plate — Rare
Severed Tentacle — Rare


Lindwurm Blood — Uncommon
Lindwurm Bones — Uncommon
Lindwurm Scales — Uncommon


Nachzehrer Brain — Common
Jagged Fang — Common
Nachzehrer Horn — Uncommon


Shimmering Ashes — Rare


Ancient Wood — Uncommon
Glowing Resin — Uncommon
Heart of the Forest — Rare


Serpent skin — Common
Glistening Scales — Uncommon


Giant Skull and Bones — Uncommon
Unhold Heart — Common
Unhold Hide — Common
White Unhold Fur — White Unhold only, Uncommon


Poison Gland — Common
Gossamer — Common

Purchased — Throwing Net

Markets — Varies on the town. For best chance, look in fishing villages near the coast.

Additional Fur Padding

Reduce damage ignoring armor by 33%
1x Thick White fur — White Unhold
1x Unusually Large Worf Pelt — Direwolf

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Bone Platings

Completely absorbs the first body hit of every combat encounter which doesn’t ignore armor
3x Giant Skull and Bones — Unhold
1x Lindwurm Bone — Lindwurm
1x Unhold Bone — Unhold

Direwolf Pelt Mantle

+15 Durability. -5 Resolve for enemies in melee contact
3x Unusually Large Wolf Pelt — Direwolf

Heavy Wardog Armour

1x Unhold Hide — Unhold

Horn Plate

Reduces any melee damage to the body by -10%
1x Kraken Plate — Kraken
2x Nachzehrer Horns — Nachzehrer

Hyena Fur Mantle

+ 15 durability. + 15 initiative
3x Hyena Fur — Hyena

Kraken Shield

+ 50 durability. +24 melee def. +24 range def. -15 maximum fatigue
1x Kraken Plate — Kraken
1x Glowing Resin — Schrat

Light Padding Replacement

Reduces an armor’s penalty to maximum fatigue by 20%
2x Gossamer — Webknecht
1x Glowing Resin — Schrat

Lindwurm Scale Cloak

+40 durability -2 maximum fatigue. Unaffected by acidic Lindwurm blood
1x lindwurm scales — Lindwurm
1x unhold skin — Unhold
350 gold

Lindwirm Shield

64 durability. 17 melee def. 25 range def. -14 fatigue
1x Lindwurm Scales
1x Lindwurm Bones — Both Lindwurm

Living Tree Shield

40 durability. 20 melee def. 17 range def. -12 fatigue
1x Ancient Wood
1x Glowing Resin — Both Schrat

Protective Runes and Sigils

+20 Resolve at morale checks against fear, panic or mind control effects
1x Shimmering Ashes — Necrosavant
1x Parched skin — Alp
1x Witch Hair — Hexe

Serpent Skin Mantle

+30 durability. -2 fatigue. 33% resistance to fire and firearms
2x Serpent Skin
1x Nachzehrer Horn

Unhold Fur Cloak

Reduce all ranged damge to the body by -20%
2x Thick White Fur — White Unhold

Wardog Armour

1x Unusually Large Wolf Pelt — Direwolf
1x Hyena Fur

Acid Flask

Thrown acid weapon, deals poison damage
1x Lindwurm Blood — Lindwurm

Large Quiver of Bolts/Arrows

— Two seperate Recipes, but have the same requirements
**As of Warriors of the North DLC, arrows and bolts have been reduced from 15 down to 14.
1x Unhold Hide — Unhold

Poisoned Oil

Applied to weapon, deals 10 poison damage per turn
2x Poison Glands — Webknecht

Reinforced Throwing Net

1x Throwing Net
1x Gossamer — Webknecht

Large Powder Bag

1x Raging Hyena Fur
1x Serpen Skin

Fire Pot

1x Sulfurous Rock
1x Jagged Fangs

Flash Pot

2x Glistening Scales
1x Petrified Scream

Smoke Pot

2x Acidic Saliva
1x Nachzehrer brain

Alp Trophy Necklace

+5 Resolve
1x Third Eye
1x Parched Skin
1x Petrified Scream — All from Alp

Hexen Trophy Necklace

+6 Resolve
1x Witch Hair
1x Poisoned Apple
1x Mysterious Herbs — All from Hexe

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Nachzehrer Trophy Necklace

+4 Resolve
2x Jagged Fangs
2x Nachzehrer Horns — All from Nachzehrer

All potions cost 3 Action Points and 5 Fatigue to use in combat.

Apothecary’s Miracle

Heals an injury like a temple would
1x Unhold’s Heart — Unhold
1x Mysterious Herbs — Hexe


Cures the poison effect
1x Jagged Fang — Nachzehrer

Cat Potion

+40 initiative, degrades by -10 per turn until it rests at Bro’s initiative level after 4 turns
1x Adrenaline Gland — Direwolf
1x Parched Skin — Alp

Fermented Unhold Heart

Provision, lasts for 20 days
1x Wine — Loot drop or Market
1x Unhold Heart — Unhold

Happy Powder

Morale boost of 50% — 100%
1x Shimmering Ashes — Necrosavants
1x Parched skin — Alps

Iron Will Potion

Ignore the effects of temporary (poison, bleeding, stun etc) injuries for 4 turns
1x Adrenaline Gland — Direwolf
1x Nachzehrer Brain — Nachzehrer

Lion Heart Potion

+40 resolve, degrades by -10 per turn until it rests at Bro’s resolve level after 4 turns
1x Jagged Fangs — Nachzehrer
1x Poison Gland — Webknecht
1x Parched Skin — Alp

Night Owl Elixir

Removes the vision penalty at night-time
1x Third Eye — Alp
1x Witch Hair — Hexe

Potion of Knowledge

+100% XP for 2 days
1x Poisoned Apple — Hexe
1x Third Eye — Alp
1x Heart of the Forest — Schrat

Potion of Oblivion

Resets all perk points on a Brother
1x Poisoned Apple — Hexe
1x Unhold Heart — Unhold
1x Nachzehrer Brain — Nachzehrer
1x Poison Gland — Webknecht
1x Heart of the Forest — Schrat
1x Petrified Scream — Alp
1x Severed Tentacle — Kraken

Second Wind Potion

+10 Fatigue recovery per turn, lasts 4 turns
1x Adrenaline Gland — Direwolf
1x Mysterious Herbs — Hexe

****All paints with multiple colours are a single item, not three different paints****

Black Paint

1x Petrified Scream — Alp

Orange & Red Paint

1x Unhold’s Heart — Unhold

Paint Set

1x Black Paint
1x White, Green and Yellow paint
1x Orange and Red paint.

Red Paint

1x Poisoned Apple — Hexe

White, Green and Yellow Paint

1x Nachzehrer Horn — Nachzehrer
1x Poison Gland — Webknecht

White and Blue Paint

1x Adrenaline Gland — Direwolf
1x Nachzehrer Horn — Nachzehrer

Paint Remover

1x Nachzehrer Horn — Nachzehrer

Although these events aren’t new with Beasts and Exploration, I figured I might as well add them, just in case newer players (or some older ones) weren’t aware they could be done.

The Mastercrafted Bow Event
A Bro with the Bowyer background, must be level 6 or higher for the event to trigger.
1x Quality Wood — can usually be purchased in villages or towns near forests or with lumberyards.

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Mastercrafted Bow

** The name of the Bro who crafts the bow is used in the item name, my Bro happened to be called Hanke at the time**

It is also possible for the Bowyer to FAIL this event and make a Wonky Bow, and this will make them get a bit upset and you probably won’t want to use their crappy bow. I am unsure if failing the event allows the Bro to re-try later on.

Blessed Water Event
A Bro with the Monk background, can be any level but the higher he is the more chance of it occurring. Also happens more often during the Undead Crisis. Whilst camping the Bro will approach you and simply give you a Blessed Water item, which is a thrown utility equipped in the shield slot and does damage versus undead (skeletons, weidergangers and any of the vampyric or ancient enemies).

Flask of Blessed Water

Fangs to Antidote Event
A Bro with the Witch Hunter background and some Jagged Fangs in your inventory. The Bro will approach you and inform you that he has turned the fangs into antidote. Occurs more frequently during the Greenskin Invasion Crisis

With the Alchemist (check?) camp follower you gain the ability to craft Snake Oil using misc items that can be sold for profit. The following combinations are used to create Snake Oil (also to be confirmed).

Serpent Skin x2, Gossamer x2, Jagged Fangs x2

Poison Gland x2, Nachzehrer Horn x2, Glistening Scales x2

Nachzehrer Brain x3, Adrenaline Gland x2

Nachzehrer Brain x3, Acidic Saliva x2

Glistening Scales x3, Jagged Fangs x2

Serpent Skin x2, Acidic Saliva x2

Petrified Scream x1, Third Eye x1, Gossamer x1

Nachzehrer Horn x2, Third Eye x2, Poison Gland x2

Petrified Scream x2, Adrenaline Gland x2

Jagged Fangs x2, Nachzehrer Brain x3, Nachzehrer Horn x2

Gossamer x3, Poison Gland x3

Serpent Skin x3, Glistening Scales x2

Direwolf Pelt x2, Adrenaline Gland x2

Hyena Fur x2, Acidic Saliva x2

PS. The ‘Holy Water’ part of this section is simply a reference to a Parkway Drive song; «Snake Oil and Holy Water». To find the actual Flask of Blessed Water item, see the ‘Special Events’ section

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the guide by providing recipes and ingredients:

Realm Code
who is this guy?
Fatty nerd
Eye tyrant
Safety First

Also a big thank you to the following Battle Brothers and Sisters for their contributions on a seperate thread that has been included in this guide:

They Live
Love Gun
James Rye
Pos 3 Scrub
Pip Boy


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