Cloud meadow рецепты еды

Cloud meadow рецепты еды

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So Miraheze has blocked google docs. yay
so instead of getting the recipes there, i have a recipe list on my google docs, right here:
I keep this updated as much as i can with IRL rubbish happening.
This List is pinned in General in the official Discord for the game, so just keep in mind they’re exactly the same links!

THANK YOU ALL again for the ratings and rewards!! they are all super duper appreciated PLEASE READ:

Hi All! Just letting everyone know who comes looking for a recipe guide, I have been updating the Wiki Recipe Guide more than this one! THIS ONE IS OUTDATED, PLEASE USE THE WIKI

Thank you for all the ratings and rewards. I appreciate all of them so much! ;3;

(SPOILERS for those who would like to figure out the recipes on their own.)

Decided to make this as guides I have found online for the recipes of this game are not updated. For example: previously you could make a meal with a single crop item, but now they will require the crop item plus another ingredient, as a single crop item results in a Healthy Snackbar. Other guides I have tried seem to also use outdated recipe combos that no longer work.
Some recipes i have not figured out, but once i do i’ll be updating this with those.

Please let me know if you notice any errors, be it duplicates, recipes that do not/no longer work, or general spelling errors, especially within the lists. If you know a recipe in-game and it isnt on the list, lemme know and i’ll add it once i have tested it in-game!

(Pictures in the Thumbnail for this guide are from the game, made by S-Purple on Twitter!)

Crops can be cheated in using the GameDev’s Patreon Build and Cheat Codes. One must at least be a $5 tier Patron in order to acquire the Cheat code, which can give the player 99 of each ingredient. As I am a Patron of this Tier this is how I acquired the ingredients, but I will list how one can acquire these ingredients legitimately.

Crops are ingredients the player can grow themselves. One may often receive a random pack of seeds as a battle reward/enemy drop, or can buy seeds from Jaero’s store.

These can be purchased in bundles from Yonten, or from some of the vendors that appear during Market Day or at random during the week.
Other ingredients can be made via refining in the Windmill (acquired through upgrading with Lucia, door/building to the left of the wizard’s door/building), usually selecting an ingredient/crop in the windmill menu(s) will tell you what that ingredient/crop can make!
The game includes Monster Cells in the Ingredients Section, which can acquired I believe from milking farm monsters. If I’m honest i currently have no idea how i got all of these cells lmao

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Regular Cooking Ingredients:

  • Bacon
  • Biguns
  • Bitter Bean
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Chocobar
  • Cooking Acid
  • Creme
  • Crunchleaf
  • Flour
  • Juice
  • King Salmon Slice
  • Milk
  • Noodles
  • Nut Butter
  • Octobits
  • Oil
  • Plankton Egg
  • Red Sauce
  • Salt
  • Sausage
  • Snowgrain
  • Sugar
  • Tea-mix bag

Monster Cells:
So far these are NOT used in cooking, but instead can be used as fertilizer for the players’ crops. Some have a certain season in their description so i will be giving that as well but idk if it makes much difference what fertilizer you use for what crops just yet.
I believe these are acquired when one milks a monster but i could be incorrect.

  • Blast Cell (from Cyclops, Summer)
  • Echo Cell (from Crabs, Winter)
  • Erupting Cell (from Demons, Summer)
  • Gale Cell (from Harpies, Spring)
  • Joyous Cell (from Cats, Autumn)
  • Max Cell (from Dragons, all seasons)
  • Neo Cell (from Chimeras, all seasons)
  • Strong Cell (from Holstaurs, Spring)
  • Tremor Cell (from Centaurs, Autumn)
  • Vice Cell (from Lamia, Winter)
  • Wild Cell (from Wolves, all seasons)

There is a ton of them. Some recipes require food from another recipe, that food will be Underlined in the recipe.
Recipes that are broken/do not yield anything even with the correct recipe will be Bolded.

Note: Baguette, White Bread, Burger Bun, Black Bread and Crumpet are all recipes one will already know in-game, and all require one flour. These will still be underlined as another food in recipes that require them.

Ambrosia: Skolfruit Bitterjam, Creme, Jelbabu, Skolfruit

Beefstew Burger: Simmered Bofroot, Steamed Mado, Eggtrap, Burger Bun

Beignette Burger: Creme, Shrubstick, Flour, Plankton Egg, Butter

Bernard Beer: Coltus, Flim flan, Sugar

Biggun Burger: Turnog, Cheese, Biguns, Burger Bun

Bite Boy: Cheese, Bose, Burger Bun

Bitecake: Sugar, Flour, Cremetin

Bittershake: Bitterbeans, Milk, Cremetin

Blanbala Extract: Blanbala, Juice

Bofroot Cube Steak: Bofroot, Butter, Oil, Salt

Bofroot Mignon: Bofroot, Butter, Oil

Bofroot Prime Cut: Bofroot, Salt, Oil

Bofroot Stew: Cheese, Crumpet, Bofroot, Flour

Boozant Butterbeer: Boozant, Juice

Bread Pudding: White Bread, Skolfruit, Plankton Egg, Milk

Breakfast Burger: Simmered Bofroot, Scrambled Eggtrap, Chwon Chips, Cheese, Burger Bun

Butter Tarts: Butter, Sugar, Plankton Egg, Cremetin

Candystick: Camellow, Flour (RESULTS IN CAMELLOW FONDUE As Seen Below)

Camellow Fondue: Camellow, Flour

Caramel Cone: Flim flan, Milk, Creme, Sugar, Chocobar

Carbonara: Flour, Macrinas Noodles, Shrubstick Tendies

Cheese Stuffed Burger: Turnog, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Burger Bun

Chocolate Cremepie: Chocobar, Creme, Grownut

Chocolate Milk: Milk, Flim flan, Chocobar

Chocobite: Camellow, Chocobar, Flour, Coltus

Chutney Burger: Simmered Bofroot, Cheese, Jelbabu, Burger Bun, Chwon

Chwon Chips: Chwon, Oil

Chwon Kasha: Chwon, Sugar

Cloudvardier (RESULTS IN MOONCAKE): Lavapple, Juice, Sugar

Cobbler: Gempas Sweetjam, Skolfruit Bitterjuice, Milk, Grownut

Coltus Bitterbrew: Coltus, Sugar

Coltus Salad: Coltus, Salt

Cookiepie: Chocobar, Grownut, Butter

Creme Roll: Creme, Sugar, Flour Cremetin, Milk

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Creme Sandwich: Camellow, Flour, Milk, Creme

Creme Soda: Boozant, Creme, Sugar

Cremetin Yoghurt: Milk, Cremetin

Crunchy Boy: Bacon, Bose, Cheese, Mado, Burger Bun

Crystant Carbonade: Crystant, Juice, Sugar

Crystant Sourjam: (Recipe Results in Crystant Carbonade) Crystant, Sugar, Juice

Crystant Tequila: Crystant, Juice

Deluxe Burger: Turnog, Cheese, Fried Bose, Flour, Oil

Dunker Sundae: (INACCESSIBLE Due to Candystick (and therefore Sundae) being invalid) Sundae, Chocobar, Flour, Flim flan

Eggnog: Plankton Egg, Sugar, Flim flan

Eggs Benedict: Plankton Egg, Fried Bose, Crumpet

Fish Finger Sandwich: King Salmon Slice, Flour, Plankton Egg, Baguette

Flimmed Flan: Flim Flan, Milk

Flip: Boozant Butterbeer, Skolfruit Bitterjuice, Plankton Egg, Sugar

Float: Crystant, Boozant, Chocobar

Foccain: Shrubstick Tendies, Fried Bose, Creme, White Bread

Fondant Burger: (INACCESSIBLE due to Candystick being invalid) Camellow Fondue, Salt, Chocobar, Candystick, Flour

Forbidden Fruit: Cooking Acid, Juice, Plemon, Blanbala, Sugar

Fried Bose: Bose, Oil

Gempas Fruit Shake: Gempas, Sugar, Gempas Sweetjam, Plemon, Juice

Gempas Nectar: Gempas, Juice

Gempas Plemonade: Juice, Sugar, Plemon

Gempas Sweet Creme Cake: Chocobar, Creme, Milk, Flour, Gempas

Gempas Sweetjam: Gempas, Gempas, Sugar

Gingerwhale: (INACCESSIBLE due to Candystick being Invalid) Candystick, Flour, Butter, Plankton Egg

Glazed Turnog: Turnog, Sugar, Salt, Butter

Greasy Boy: Burger Bun, Fried Bose, Bose, Cheese

Grownut Bun: Grownut, Plankton Egg

Hotton Halva: Hotton, Plankton Egg

Ice Coffee: Milk, Chocobar, Crystant

Ink Burger: Redsauce, Cheese, Shrubstick, Burger Bun, Skolfruit Bitterjuice

Jam Cheesecake: Gempas Sweetjam, Gempas, Creme, Flour

Jelbabu Juice: Jelbabu, Juice

Jeldisc Burger: Burger Bun, Jelbabu Juice, Bofroot, Cheese, Jelbabu

Jelly Shake Choco: Creme, Sugar, Jelbabu, Chocobar

Jelly Shake Fruit: Creme, Sugar, Jelbabu, Juice

Jelly Shake Syrup: Creme, Sugar, Jelbabu, Grownut

Jellypound Cake: Flour, Milk, Jelbabu, Plankton Egg

Jerky Bag: Salt, Fried Bose x 4

King Salmon: King Salmon Slice, Cooking Acid, Juice, Flour

Lasagne: Cheese, Noodles, Bofroot, Chwon

Lavapple Hotjam: Lavapple, Sourhead, Sugar

Lavapple Magmasala: Lavapple, Juice

Lavapple Pie: Lavapple, Plankton Egg, Milk, Flour

Lavapple Wholepie: Lavapple, Lavapple, Flour, Creme, Milk

Layered Salad: Seared Turnog, Plankton Egg, Biguns, Creme

Light Boozeshake: Boozant, Crystant, Creme, Sugar

Mac & Cheese: Macrinas Noodles, Cheese, Flour

Macaroni Cheese Baconburger: Mac & Cheese, Fried Bose, Bose

Macrina Noodles: Macrina, Cooking Acid

Mai Tai: Boozant, Plemon, Blanbala Extract

Mashed Mados: Mado, Salt, Butter

Mead: Blanbala, Sugar, Flour, Mado

Milktea: Milk, Tea in a bag, Gempas, Grownut

Mooncake: Lavapple, Juice, Sugar OR Sugar, Flour, Speedwheel

Mulled Wine: Skolfruit, Skolfruit Bitterjuice, Jelbabu Juice, Sugar

Nachos: Cheese, Flour, Macrinas

Nectar Concentrate (Recipe does not yield results): Cremetin, Speedwheel, Crystant, Sugar

Neopolitan Cremepie: Gempas Sweetjam, Flim flan, Creme, Flour

Noodle Soup: Noodles, Plankton Egg, Biguns

Not Balls: Chocobar, Flim flan, Speedwheel, Camellow Fondant

Octopus Burger: Burger Bun, Octobits, Turnog

Ogre Powerbrew: Chocobar, Sourhead, Lavapple

Okonomiyaki: Eggtrap, King Salmon Slice, Plankton Egg, Flour, Salt

Pacoca: Grownut, Salt, Sugar

Pancakes: Plankton Egg, Flour, Milk, Grownut, Butter

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Pasta: Macrinas, Noodles, Cooking Acid

Patty Melt: White Bread, Cheese, Bofroot

Pierogi: Flour, Shrubstick, Butter

Pizza: Flour, Shrubstick, Cheese, Macrinas

Plank-Roll: Bose, Turnog, Plankton Egg, Flour

Plemon Tart: Speedwheel, Plemon, Creme

Poached Plemonade (Recipe Results in Gempas Plemonade): Plemon, Juice, Sugar

Pocketpie: Fried Bose, Flour, Plankton Egg, Simmered Bofroot

Poutine Burger: Burger Bun, Fried Bose, Cheese, Creme

Pretzel Burger: Speedwheel, Bofroot, Butter

Quadruple Stacked Burger: Turnog, Turnog, Cheese, Plankton Egg, Burger Bun

Quiche: Bose, Mado, Plankton Egg, Cheese

Ribeye Burger: Burger Bun, Redsauce, Jelbabu, Turnog

Risotto: Snowgrain, Biguns

Rock Chewers (INACCESSIBLE Due to Crystant Sourjam being unavailable): Crystant Sourjam, Crystant, Crystant

Rouladen: Bofroot, Chwon, Salt, Eggtrap, Fried Bose

S’mores Brulee: Creme, Grownut, Milk

Sakotis: Plankton Egg, Creme, Butter, Flour, Sugar

Salad Burger: Turnog, Plankton Egg, Crunchleaf

Salmon Fillet Burger: King Salmon Slice, Creme, Chwon, Burger Bun

Salmon Fingersandwich (in-game: Fish Finger Sandwich): Baguette, Plankton Egg, Flour, King Salmon Slice

Sangria (INACCESSIBLE Results in Forbidden Fruit): Blanbala, Sugar, Cooking Acid, Plemon, Juice

Sausage Baconburger: Bose, Sausage, Cheese, Burger Bun

Sausage Cheesebal Entreel: Bose, Sausage, Cheese

Sausage Roll: Sausage, Plankton Egg, Flour

Scooped Plemon: Sugar, Plemon

Scrambled Eggtrap: Eggtrap, Butter

Seared Turnog: Turnog, Sugar

Shrubstick and Bofroot Parma: Shrubstick, Bofroot, Cheese, White Bread, Plankton Egg

Shrubstick Coldcut: Cheese, Baguette, Shrubstick

Shrubstick Doubledown: Shrubstick Tendies, Shrubstick Tendies, Burger Bun, Cheese

Shrubstick Enchilada: Shrubstick Tendies, Flour, Snowgrain, Cheese

Shrubstick Fryburger: Shrubstick Tendies, Plankton Egg, Cheese, Bofroot

Shrubstick in Redsauce: Shrubstick, Mado, Butter, Redsauce

Shrubstick Nugget Pizza: Flour, Shrubstick Tendies, Cheese, Butter

Shrubstick Tendies: Flour, Shrubstick

Simmered Bofroot: Bofroot, Salt

Skolfruit Bitterjam: Skolfruit, Sugar

Skolfruit Bitterjuice: Skolfruit, Juice

Slider Tower: Burger Bun, Seared Turnog, Turnog, Flour, Salt

Slow Bofroot Bourguinon: Bofroot, Chwon, Eggtrap, Juice, Flour

Sloppy Joe: Seared Turnog, Seared Turnog, Seared Turnog, Burger Bun

Snowgrain Burger: Snowgrain, Cheese, Turnog, Oil

Sourhead Breezer: Sourhead, Creme, Sugar

Sourhead Pop: Sourhead, Juice

Speedburger: Cheese, Shrubstick, Speedwheel

Speedwheel Dunker: Sugar, Speedwheel

Spice Burger (INACCESSIBLE Recipe fails): Cheese, Crystant, Shrubstick, Burger Bun

Spice Cookies: Cremetin, Grownut, Sugar

Sponge Layercake: Creme, Sugar, Flour, Speedwheel

Spritzer: Plemon, Sourhead Pop, Juice

Steamed Mado: Mado, Salt

Stuffed Plemon: Butter, Milk, Plemon, Blanbala, Mado

Stuffing: Plankton Egg, Chwon, Butter, Baguette

Sundae (INACCESSIBLE due to Candystick being unavailable): Milk, Creme, Sugar, Flim flan Candystick

Sundowner: Speedwheel, Crystant Tequila, Lavapple Magnasala

Surprise Creme: Creme, Milk, Camellow, Flim flan, Sourhead

Tart: Gempas, Gempas Sweetjam, Flour, Cooking Acid

Tea: Blanbala, Sugar, Tea in a bag

Tentaburger: Octobits, Octobits, Bose, Burger Bun

The Big Jabroni: Lavapple Hotjam, Nut Butter, White Bread

Triple Decker: Fried Bose, Fried Bose, Fried Bose, Bose, Burger Bun

Turnog Kebab: Seared Turnog, Flour, Plankton Egg

Turnog Meat Pie: Turnog, Flour, Butter, Salt

Turnog Melt: White Bread, Cheese, Turnog

Whale Chewer: Sugar, Milk, Crystant, Cremetin, Cooking Acid


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